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About Nepal
Volunteering in Nepal !
Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal !
The best way to really experience a culture to live for some time within it. Nepal has many volunteer opportunities doing all kinds of things, from environmental action to handicraft design to teaching. The experience is incredibly rewarding and should never be expensive, unlike many groups which charge you a premium to volunteer your time! Here are some volunteer activities.
Teaching - Teach in urban or rural areas of Nepal, your food and lodging is provided and instruction in any subject is needed in English medium. Prior teaching experience not necessary.
Handicraft Design - Anyone with prior experience in handicrafts, textiles, wood-working, felting, embroidery, graphic or product design, clothing design, paper-making, book-binding, beading, jewelry, fine arts or the marketing of such items is desperately needed. You can help to design new handicrafts and offer valuable insight into western styles and trends. Seeking fierce trend-setters!
Orphanages - Work and stay in a local orphanage, eating and sleeping with the children. During the day, instruct classes and in the evening, love and care for them, like others Have not.
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