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About Nepal
Kanchenjunga trekking:
Kanchenjunga trekking routes is best suited for the visitors / trekkers with the time and interest to gamble into some of the remote regions of Nepal. Kanchenjunga region lies at the eastern corner of Nepal Himalayas which borders Sikkim to the east; it is world’s third highest mountain (8586 mtrs). The isolated Kanchenjunga region conserves age old tradition, a part of which remains un-affected by the modern world.  
The Kanchenjunga region concludes implausible landscapes. The Rhodondren forests are scattered around which bloom widely in April – May bringing a glimpse of the heaven itself, giving unparralleled beauties of the Himalayas. While trekking, you can sit on the shadow of Pipal trees and interact with the local communities. You may be offered with Tongba, millet ferment by the Limbu localities and wooden villages with prayer flags resembles the Tibetan ethnics residing in the region from some 30 years.
As you go up, you will trek through the Rhodondren forests which open to widely desolate hillsides. You will see that there are groups of sheeps and Yaks grazing alongside. As you reach the base camp of the Kanchenjunga, you will just be confused with what to do, you will feel so close asif you could touch the mountain by your finger. The nearby glaciers and valleys bring you the views of incredible mountains to prove the mean of your effort of trekking in such strenous region.
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Thank you very much for the great service. Wow, you are so fantastic, so great service offered in our trip to Nepal!! We liked the way you received at the airport on time and started telling about the things we are going to do in our Trip to Nepal.


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